I was recently sent a product to use and see what I thought of it. It was called an Airscape and Bella Barista are to be official UK stockists for the products. I have the small glass one top right in the photo. I am not one for accessories in coffee making, lots of them seems to be ideas looking for solutions. The Airscape is one of those rare breeds, an actual solution to a problem! The full range can be viewed at Bella Barista here: Airscape Range

It’s great though, holds almost 300g of coffee and the size is perfect for my needs. I store my coffee in a cupboard so I don’t mind that it’s glass, but they make ceramic and metal containers as well.

Bella Barista didn’t ask me to do a Video and hopefully don’t want this back….because I like it. I thought I would do a Video and give them a plug anyway…as it’s a good and useful product.