No one asked me to write this, Osmio Water certainly didn’t ask and have no idea it’s been posted. My whole family is so pleased with this little unit I thought it’s worth a 6 month update. My water TDS here is around 280-300 so quite hard. There used to be a warning in the user guide that in areas above 250ppm TDS you might need to change the filters more often. They need to remove this warning (unless they have already) as I believe it’s affected by 2 things far more than water hardness..

  • Always empty the supply pitcher completely before refilling it, NEVER just top it off
  • If your water quality is poor due to things other than hardness (old pipes, particulates etc..

I commissioned the unit on Jan 5 2019 and it’s now Jul 25 2019, that’s coming on to 7 months and over 2500 litres of RO water produced by the unit. The maintenance light has not come on and I still use the original filters it came with. Next month I intend to sterilise the unit and as an experiment will keep the filters installed until the maintenance lights come on for a filter change. ..I will then update this post

*It’s now September 8th 2019 and the original filters are still going strong after just over 9 months

I still absolutely love the unit, it provides all of our hot water for drinks, is so easy to use and has worked faultlessly. We don’t drink tap water only RO water but if we did use bottled water it would have saved over 1200 2 litre water bottles and significant expense.

  • £240 for cheap supermarket water at 20p per 2 lt bottle (if drinking water)
  • £100 for the cheaper bottled waters “safer” but not completely safe for coffee machines (based on 2 litres per day for the machine and associated drinks)

I have read that people are concerned that a small amount of room temperature water exits the unit prior to boiling water. I did talk about this in videos in the main review, but perhaps people missed it. If you want the hottest water possible there are 2 tips to minimise the room temperature water. For my coffee I don’t bother doing either of these now, because the drink it always hot enough.

  • Draw boiling water for 3 or 4 seconds from the unit, this will heat up the small amount of water in the heater box and the tube to the outlet. If you then draw water within the next few minutes it’s quite hot from the start
  • Select boiling water from the unit Use a small catch cup above the main cup and catch the first 20-30 ml of water then move the catch cup out of the way and allow the unit to continue supplying water. this gives you the absolute hottest water possible.

I appreciate not lugging around heavy bottles of water, when I do finally change the filters it will cost less than £40. A win for the environment, my back and my pocket.

*It’s now January 5th 2020 and my Osmio unit has indicated the requirement for a filter change. It’s still filters fine but I suspect has reached a hard limit of time rather than low flow for the change light to come on. That’s 1 year and over 6,000 litres of water. Thank you Osmio .