I asked for and received a needle valve kit as used in the current Lelit Bianca. I did explain it was just for me to test for my own interest and they knew it wouldn’t be on just Lelit machines. I don’t have any idea how much it costs, Lelit don’t sell it direct, you would have to purchase from your local Lelit retailer. So there is no purchase links in the article and I have absolutely no idea if your Lelit retailer will carry the part. You may have to ask them to start stocking it.

Now there are some other companies who have copied the idea since Lelit used it on the Bianca. I suppose imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but Lelit came up with it first and I feel they should get credit for that and actually being a very inventive espresso machine company. Yes I have a soft spot for Lelit, it didn’t stop me trashing a recent prototype and they are redesigning it…but at least they don’t hold a grudge.

Interestingly they were more concerned that the Bianca is not seen as “one trick pony” and I agree. If you read the review of the Bianca at the link above, you will see one of the last things I mentioned is the needle valve. With any machine you buy, it’s not just about profiling, but about the other things the machine has, don’t loose sight of other important features, just because of profiling,

You might think it strange that Lelit would send me one knowing full well I would try it on other machines and groups. I believe it’s because they realise you cannot unthink an idea or prevent others from copying it. If I were Lelit, I would want my “branded” paddle to been seen on other machines, rather than a competitor product. Lelit don’t brand their system at all and I think they should!

Always support an innovative company like Lelit, they make good machines, add them to the list of options when considering your next, or first machine.

The review will contain 3 Video areas in total. So please revisit this over the next month to keep up to date. Please remember my videos have 0 production values, what you see is what you get and they are filmed on the fly 🙂

  • A description of the system and recommended maintenance, plus a short maintenance video of an installed unit.
  • Installation of the system in different types of E61 groups, solenoid and non solenoid
  • Performance of the system in different machines, Dual Boiler, HX and automated pressure profiling.

The Lelit flow/pressure profiling system (unboxing)