The first machine I installed the Lelit flow profiling kit on, mainly because it’s the easiest install of all. The ACS Minima is a solenoid E61 group which means no preinfusion chamber to disable and only a portion of the kit is needed, the part that fits in the top of the group.

Installation is quick easy and straight forward, a group mounted pressure gauge is not required as the Minima already has one. It’s important to mention right at the start that normally the hole where the gauge fits on standard solenoid E61 groups is at an angle and the gauge would be tilted to the left. The Minima has a customised E61 group where the hole runs straight. It’s actually the best sort of group for pressure profiling and the reason Lelit still use the lever group is because the hole is drilled straight into the cam chamber. However, this does mean in a standard E61 group the other half of the kit that disables the preinfusion chamber must be installed. In the Minima, there is no preinfusion chamber to disable and it comes with a group mounted pressure gauge already fitted.

So the ACS Minima is an ideal platform for this modification. The Lelit Lever is made from walnut wood and I happened to have a walnut kit knocking around and installed it on the ACS Minima (2 knobs and some handles). I am fairly sure that if there was demand, retailers could request this kit from ACS, perhaps even as a preinstall. I think it looks nice with the walnut. The first video shows preinfusion and the system had only been installed for a few hours. I plan to produce another showing the machine used as a standard machine with the valve left in 1 position and perhaps some other preinfusion strategies.

you may think well what’s the point of having this and there are a few advantages

  • You can have very long slow preinfusion shots, similar to used on Slayer machines
  • you can grind very fine with very gentle pressure ramps
  • With practice, you can pull a shot at 8 or 7 etc.. bar
  • You can leave the machine set to a pressure of 9 bar and use the paddle in a fixed position as an adjustable but static gicleur

With the last option this allows you to use the machine as a normal machine, you won’t have to touch the paddle during the shot, but you can set the max flow rate to whatever you want.

I would recommend the Lelit kit on the ACS Minima as a “tested OK” modification.