Recently I was at Host Milano 2019 and a young lady came round with a bag containing some little containers. I had a look as I had not heard of them before and was amazed at how well they appeared to work. All without any complicated seals or gaskets. it appeared to be an economical single dosing solution. Intrigued I asked if I could have 6 and selected 6 green ones. Apparently they can come in all sorts of different colours and with company logos on them.

The little Tightvac, Pocketvac perhaps Vitavac, all 3 things are written on the lid?, I don’t know what they are called exactly as I think they might be new. A search on Tightvacs extremely slow website turned up the Vitavac container which looked as if it is the one.

The containers are 4cm W x 7cm tall and can hold a little over 21g of coffee, this is for an average roast, very light roasts and dense beans may be a little more as they don’t expand as much during roasting. Above whatever is stored is a little airspace approximately 1cm. For long term storage this may be an issue, but for 2 or 3 days I don’t see it as a problem.

I have been using them for a few days now and love them. I can simply scoop the tight vac into the coffee and if it’s a little lower than the top lip I have around 18g of coffee. I use 1 container to do the scooping and fill the others with it. This is because they do vary in weight by around 0.3g. The device has a simple spring loaded valve you press in when putting the top on or removing it, this allows the air to move into or out of the container. Without this it wouldn’t be possible to replace or remove the lid.

For cleaning, I would simply wipe them out with a damp cloth once in a while.

Not much else to say about them really except Bella Barista in the UK was very interested in them as was Martin at Niche Coffee