This actually started as a thought process started almost a year ago when a member of a forum asked people to do a little experiment to feed individual beans through their grinders (not just Niche grinders). Not many people did the experiment but I did and was surprised at the amount of difference feeding 3 beans at a time vs 18g all in one go made to grind size. It was a lot coarser when feeding 3 beans at a time

Of course this meant that as the weight of beans in the hopper reduced, this effect was happening with every grind and is a common problem with single dosers. What I didn’t mention on the forum is that for weeks I was grinding just a few beans at a time and making my espressos that way. Painful but worth it. The continuation of the experiment taught me that I needed to set the grinder 4 marks finer, but got a tighter grind distribution. Controlling flow should give the benefits of reducing the wider grind distribution as a result of single dosing any grinder.

The second area was to prevent pop corning and mess (the little shards that escape the lid. I saw on home Barista someone had fitted the Eureka anti pop corning device to a Niche…almost there.

The last thing was my feeling that if the flow of beans was controlled I should be able to evidence it via another expected effect, an effect I felt would also be beneficial. This was not only a reduction in maximum power required, but the power level remaining consistent during much more of the grind cycle.

I phoned Martin and explained what I wanted, and he designed a few great prototypes that I have tested over the last few weeks. They worked exactly as expected. In fact, I was surprised how small the hole in the disk had to be…enjoy the Video.

Niche have spent quite a few thousand on tooling and arranging for distribution. There is no ETA for the device yet but as soon as it’s available it will be in all new grinders and can be purchased for the cost of P&P for existing owners.

Please wait for announcements from Niche as they will inform people via social media platforms as soon as it’s ready….I will also mention it here.