An Interesting dual boiler machine and part of Lelit’s VIP line with some surprising features in a great package. It’s a designer machine whilst still following traditional principles internally. The vision of an Italian designer, it has a modern clean, minimalist look. This is a revised version with some important, and great improvements.

It is now July and it’s available. Machines built before July 2020 are not the same as they are the previous version.

It’s very quiet (quieter even than MaraX), performs extremely well with a surprising range of shot types. I really like it and I think you will too.

Click the link below to read the review.

The Lelit Elizabeth review

The LCC is a powerful device and I made a quick reference guide you can view on your smartphone when using the machine. I cover both basic and advanced settings

Lelit Elizabeth – LCC Quick Reference Guide

I also made some handy maintenance videos and have a few pro tips for getting the best from Elizabeth. I will add to this as and when I have time.

Lelit Elizabeth – Maintenance and Pro tips