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Wherever you’re from and however you make coffee. We’re here to help, if you don’t need help and just want to have a chat about anything, we’re here for that as well. After all that’s what friends do, have a chat over coffee and not usually about the coffee.

  • Technical problems
  • Where to buy beans
  • How to make the best from your kit
  • …or you just want to post some photos of it and tell us about your experiences…we’re here for that as well.

Social media is powerful, advertising makes money, commercial imperatives drive decisions…usually not for your benefit! I retired at 44 and for 16 years, I have not been ruled by those pressures, or the need to work.

Our forum is the same, it doesn’t cost a penny to run & doesn’t need to generate revenue for me. There are adverts, but not mine and I can’t control them. It’s the “price” paid for the forum being completely free. However, commercial drives have no part to play in how it’s run. I don’t want, or need donations, paid advertisers, free cups of coffee or anything else. I don’t need to have 10s of thousands of mostly inactive users to make the forum look ultra-big or super busy, it doesn’t need to attract advertisers.

We have no commercial interests to attract, protect or upset….it’s a level playing field here. It’s always been my aim to help people and share my hobby…the forum is there to help you, nothing more