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Finally the time for a longer introduction….

Involved in coffee on a non profit basis for almost 20 years. I have been involved in the design and development of coffee machines, roasters and grinders. This has either been done free. Or where there are payments plowed back into kit, test equipment, or donated to charity. My idea was to see better machines available and more people getting into quality coffee at home. I have less interest in reviewing nowadays for retailers, but still do a few from time to time in between various projects.

There is advertising on this site…nothing to do with me and it may not even be coffee related, one of the issues with using the free hosted version. I don’t use affiliate links, click thrus or whatever they are called. Just standard links to websites. You can click them from here for your convenience, or search on google…I don’t care. I definitely don’t sell anything, so please don’t ask.

If you want to find out more about machines, grinder and roasters (at least those I’ve used), then you can find me on my home forum Coffeetime


I have a YouTube channel, again not monetised where from time to time I pop a video up. I am absolutely not a “tuber” or “content creator” so my videos have few if any titles, no production values and are filmed as they come with minimal editing. If there is advertising on them it’s not mine as they are not monetised, and I may have got a music copy write strike. I don’t post many videos, just as and when I feel the need. Some people actually subscribe….but I don’t encourage it. I actually hate appearing in the videos myself, so it tends to be of my hands and the machine only. I always think I sound terrible, which could be the mic on the phone.

Check it out though, you never know you might see something interesting on there. My YouTube Site

Coffee Machines

I tend to limit my input now to dual boiler machines and top end stuff, although I have looked at a few interesting heat exchanger models recently. I used to review lots of machines and have extensively used more than 50 different prosumer machines. I now only review a machine if it’s personally interesting to me and I especially like working with early prototypes where I can influence the development process, it’s a lot of fun.


I have tested lots of roasters many which never made it to the UK market, mainly because they were not much good. However roasters like the Toper Cafemino, Gene Cafe CBR1200 and it’s smaller brother the CBR101 and the Amazon Dalian 1kg drum roaster did. I had a lot of input to the Dalian 1kg drum roaster and it’s probably one of the best value/performance 1kg electric drum roasters out there. It certainly produces a great roast and quite a few have sold in the UK and Europe market. They are available from Bella Barista.

I will sometimes do some roaster training on the Amazon Dalian 1kg electric roaster for some select lucky people…leave a contact if you are interested, and I’ll probably get in touch at some point.


I have tested and recommended quite a few grinders from Eureka, Ceado, Mazzer and more recently Niche Zero (specifically designed for home use).


I don’t have so much interest in this area, but sometimes I get sent bits and bobs and if they are good I’ll actually review them, or sadly they might sit in a draw until I get around to them.

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