The Minima needed to be right from an engineering and performance standpoint the best way to do this is to produce early designs used by a knowledgable person who is not part of the company and not an end retailer…me. I could dispassionately look at it and state the changes and argue the consumers side effectively. More manufacturers should do this. Based on feedback from Beta owners and myself, the following changes were made.

  • Firmware changes to move from partial to full last shot protection as in the Vesuvius, steam boiler autofill is additionally disabled during the shot
  • The low level limit in the water storage tank has been reduced allowing more usable capacity.
  • The Lid to the water tank redesigned to place better
  • The thickness of the case and base frame increased by 110%, to just over 2mm thick stainless steel (this makes the machine much stronger for transit)
  • The top of the case (Integrated rail) with less cuts, a less interesting, but more durable shape.
  • Transit packaging improved with more support for machine
  • The Brew and Service boiler on/off switches have all been moved to a single location
  • The Brew pressure gauge has moved to measure pressure directly in the E61 group
  • The E61 group has customised drilling to allow the pressure gauge to mount straight (one of the reasons for the delay from beta to production).
  • Improved lower vent fitting for the E61 group (eliminating splash)
  • The drip tray has been redesigned slightly to improve aesthetics and E61 vent drainage
  • A better quality commercial grade Expansion valve, gives improved performance, lower noise  and wider/finer adjustment.
  • Minor changes to component positioning in the interior
  • Changes to the pump mount and positioning to reduce noise
  • Changes to the water tank area to make water tank removal easier for cleaning.
  • Improved Minima lettering on the drip tray to remove angular letters for a smooth rounded font.
  • The steam temperature display firmware bug fixed
  • Revision to standard accessories provided